Help others with grace.  Deliver quality work.  Stay curious.  Have honest fun.

Hey, I’m Melvin! 

I'm a UX designer based in St. Louis with a passion for meshing creativity and tech to help people. Before this life of paper, pens, and pixels, I taught overseas, managed Costa Rican farmland, and worked with a team to launch a couple of charter schools in my hometown.

A chance opportunity to redesign a school website and style a school mobile app brought me to Designation, where I honed my understanding and practice of user-centered design in an agile startup environment.

Now, I help solve transportation and logistics problems with an amazing design team at QDivision. When I’m not in front of my screens, you can find me cycling around STL, trying to get better at Killer Queen, or conquering roller coasters

If you’d like to meet up and talk about working together on upcoming projects or anything else under the sun, let’s connect! ✌️